Date: 4/11/2017

By tiptipkitten

I don't remember the beginning so I'm going to start with I was on a trip with friends and we stoped at a farm. We did some thing that I don't remember then we found a glass box with some small wooden dolls. For some reason everyone one was picking one so I picked one to, it had green hair with large curls at the very bottom. Everyone was grabbing the one they picked and I couldn't find mine so I went to the one that was 'leading' the group and asked her were mine was. She ask if I actually picked one out I said "yeah, but I don't really care" she responded by dumping the box out with all the guy dolls I saw mine and quickly took it and hugged it to my chest I looked into the 'leaders' eyes and she saw that I did care. I looked away Memory fuzz i think the dolls name is sweetypie Anyway we were in the bleachers at a basket ball game where the dolls are the players except the dolls looked human and they were normal size. I cheered on sweetypie except she looked deferent to. She had lost most of her hair in the back. That went on for a while. She did pretty good. Soon the 'leader' (her name is Ashly) told me that the one I was cheering for wasn't sweetypie I looked around and there I found the real sweetypie and I said "the one I was cheering for must have been her twin brother" Somewhere in the dream after I got the doll I was in a stadium and the announcer went around asking people stuff. He asked the girl next to me if the doll would have at least twelve feathers each. For some reason my mind went strait to think that he meant leader so I told the person next to me "I don't know if I can keep my doll, I mean I already have two cats. Is three to much" some people around me laughed and someone pointed out that we're keeping dolls not cats. I nervously laughed it off.