Trivia Boyfriend

Date: 4/18/2017

By harassicpark

Ivy and I lived in this cute little house (it reminded me of Maine for some reason, the houses were up higher so we had to walk down several steps to get to the sidewalk) and we must have lived there a while. We walked through our neighborhood thinking about asking someone to play trivia with us. The guy we were going to ask moved from across the street, but we didn't realize he had moved. A new guy was there, though. He overheard us talking about it and said he would be happy to play with us. I said no initially because he was a stranger, Ivy didn't seem to mind either way. We went back in the house and talked about it, Ivy and I soon agreed we would let him in our house. I had a huge gun and I would keep it close by in case he tried something. Turns out that meant leaving it on the coffee table. At some point he reached for something next to the gun and I freaked out. He was mildly offended by that. Soon, I got where I trusted him and we became close friends. I would see him in our small town grocery store and meet up with him to hang out. We must have been dating, I had the time of my life.