Reoccurring Themes in Every Dream

Date: 5/15/2017

By DocDDandy

My dreams tend to be very detailed, and dynamic. However there seems to be a few reoccurring things that happen in every dream. Many of these things are already understood by me, but there are some elements I feel hopeless to grasp. The first thing I cannot understand is why they are so detailed and realistic. I will wake up from some dark dreams, unable to tell that it was a dream. Sometimes I wake up mistaking the dream for fact, and it takes a few minutes to realize that it was just a dream. Another very common theme, and the sole reason I'm actually posting this, is tornados. In real life I am obsessed with tornados, the beauty of them, the fear of them, their mysterious nature. I used to believe that because I spent so many hours studying them, that it's only natural that they haunt my dreams... However, I spent even more time studying black holes, pulsars, the actual mathematical formulas behind why they exist even more so than tornados. Why haven't I dreamed of them? I could likely tell you in more detail how a black hole could look, than a tornado. I live in ny, I've never seen either of those things... But any detailed dream usually haves dozens of tornados, littering the landscape, and despite my understanding of them, and the precautioprecautions to take, I see that dark, cloudy, horizon; dotted with tornados, and I feel a crippling sense of fear...