(Unknown Date) Dolls?

Date: 6/28/2019

By ItsABlackCat

I just remembered this dream and idk when I dreamed it exactly, but it was strange. I was visiting my aunts house, which I’ve never been to in real life, but was for some reason a farm in the dream. Her house was very artsy, it was in the middle of a field of grain, it had wind chimes all outside of the house and fancy blue-green-purple stained windows. The house itself was wooden and ancient looking, almost ornamental. Inside was small but not cramped, like something out of an aesthetic book made out of pictures of small yet somehow attractive homes. There were large windows that let in plenty of light, and the white-themed kitchen was spotless. She had a small shelter outside of her house which was just as decorated and wasn’t creepy despite being a shelter. Far out of the field, right by the road but still on her property, was a building kind of like a shed, wooden but with slats at the top that let in air rather than windows. The floor was rough wood and the roof was also rough wood, inside was simple with a wooden plank acting like a built-in bench and a long rod near the roof like a hanger. Several hooks were on the walls, and on the hooks a ton of dolls were hung. It was daytime, pretty outside, and I was there with Madison (my cousin) and we were in the shed after our moms had started talking in the house. We were talking. All I remember are the dolls. One I remember in particular, she had blonde hair, pale porcelain skin, and baby blue eyes, one of the old types of dolls that was slightly creepy despite being in perfect condition. I don’t remember anything that happened. Just the setting. As far as I know, we just sat there and talked, and I thought about the dolls but that was it