Date: 4/23/2017

By apocalypse

An alien ship appears over earth and started to release suction tubes down to the surface to scan people's brains then they took only a few that they scanned. Me and a few others hid for a long time under beds and other things but the aliens kept doing their thing once it was only two of us left me and another person (the two smartest people) we finally left cover and let the aliens scan us they realized we were the two they were looking for all along so they took us both and we had a conversation about the universe and principles that no one had ever heard about and once they explained everything to us they let everyone go and we became the top scientists of earth and were able to invent things no one ever dreamed about. Later on another dream I had was that I was the new Spider-Man and we had to beat many enemies like people from the suicide squad and the fantastic four eventually we ended up in a Home Depot and I had to build a large weapon but more people tried to stop me eventually I finally realized I was dreaming and was able to walk through walls with difficulty I then woke up.