One of my strange dreams

Date: 7/31/2017

By JasmineGrn

So in the beginning of the dream was about Dream Daddy, but I don't remember much about it except it was the date with Robert. But right after that I was walking down a hill with my actual family, the hill was covered in yellow, tall grass, and we met my Aunt at the bottom of the hill. I started walking next to my Aunt, who opened her grasshopper case (I have strange dreams). I got a short glimpse at my aunts grasshopper before it just... disappeared. I asked my Aunt where it went, she wouldn't tell me and it wasn't until we stopped in a shack with my mother did I find out, I had swallowed the bug. I naturally started freaking out, before my dream transitioned once more and I was in the middle of a snowy street. Since I was next to a large, hotel looking building I decided to go inside. There were toddlers playing in the lobby with a teenage girl watching them. She asked for my assisstance so I basically went on a quest to find these tiny children some cookies, finding them in a drawer in the kitchen. After I gave the children the cookies, I went back outside and was suddenly on a bridge that was inbetween land and a floating island. There was a band playing but all I could really hear were their fans screaming. Afrer awhile I "wake up" on a couch in a completely white house, a woman with red hair and two girls walk in. The woman told me her name and then I woke up, an hour and a half after I went to sleep.