Ordinary Workday Turns into a Nightmare Survival Situation & College Days Nostalgia

Date: 7/29/2017

By fluffytree

So I found myself at work doing my usual night shift security job where nothing ever happens when I start hearing a commotion down the hall. I go to check and find that there's groups of people coming from the neighboring hotel and into our building. See, my building is a plain old office building but it's conjoined to a hotel because they're both owned by the same person and also the people who work at the hotel also come over here to run the little snack shop too. There's only one door that leads from here to over there and usually we don't have any problems with hotel guests wandering in here, likely because the room the door leads to is the banquet hall where most guests don't go unless there's an event happening. Still we do get some people who come in the back or front entrance thinking this is also the hotel when it's not. Anyway I go and check and it's a rowdy group of 20-somethings who probably had a bit much to drink and were looking for the parking garage, which is actually a straightaway shot from the hotel doors and across to the other side of our building. I start to say something to them but I'm not sure what to say. Those hotel doors are supposed to be locked on weekends and after hours so either they weren't locked or these people got in some other kind of way which is really unsettling to me especially with the fact that there seems to be a banquet going on. I let them pass though and go back to the security office. I should've gone and checked the door but I didn't for some reason. Then another group comes in from the same place, some black women in their 30s and 40s, looking lost. They come over to the window and I ask them if they needed help with something. They tell me they're trying to find the parking garage and I simply direct them to the door that leads there. I'm getting pretty annoyed at this point cos people keep wandering in which is unusual. I head to the bathroom to wash my hands and notice a golfball sized ladybug shell in the sink where two worms crawl and squiggle around from underneath it. It's gross and I hate worms actually, but I decide not to kill them and simply left. When I go back out I notice some older women heading from the hotel towards the parking garage with lots of shopping bags in their hands. They seem kinda tipsy as well. So that door is clearly open then. I assume the owner wanted it to be this way so guests can find their way to their cars conveniently without having to go outside or anything. My coworker Nancy seems to appear outta nowhere and stops the women saying, "Hey, hey hey! They can't come through cos there are drugs in those bags." I'm like, "Drugs?" But I don't see any. Also how can she tell just from looking at their bags? I suppose they do seem tipsy and that could've been drug-induced... But anyway she convinces me that because of this we can't let them through to their cars. Obviously the women get belligerent cos they clearly wanna get through and we're not letting them. They yell at us but we still refuse. More people come though but we're now not letting anyone through either which just adds more fuel to the fire. And so now we got what could easily become an angry mob on our hands. There's this girl standing near me that looks like my classmate from high school, Natasha, and we get to talking. She looks alot like her and is her, but she also looks like a mix of this other girl from the YouTube show "College Kids React." She's really cute though and talks with a slight lisp too. I get memories that me and her have history and chemistry but have never actually gotten closer than friends. She's so sweet though that I feel like she'd make an awesome wife. In reality this is sorta kinda true but exaggerated in the dream. We were friends but not all that close and there was a chemistry between us but it just never panned out into anything more. I do wonder on rare occasions what could've been though. Suddenly we see some guy grab a girl and put her in a headlock position. He then gets out a gun and starts holding it to her head demanding we let him through or else the girl dies. One of my other classmates from hs, Sheldon B, immediately rushes to help and risks getting shot. I have to help too but am terrified. I hold Tasha's hand and she squeezes back. I want her to know how I feel before I do this just in case, and that's enough for me. Surprisingly she goes on ahead of me wanting to risk her life in my stead, but I can't allow her to do that. Sheldon is wrestling the guy trying to get the gun away but it's easier said than done. He gets pissed and shoots the girl he's holding hostage at point blank range in the neck. I see her collapse to the ground and think no way she survived that. This guy is a monster though that MUST be stopped. I rush ahead of Tasha before she gets hurt too and join in the fight to get the gun away from him and it's surprisingly easy. Then I find out the thing is a water gun. It's weird though cos I clearly heard real gunshot sounds coming from it earlier. Must've been really good sound effects cos I look down and see that the girl he shot is just fine save from being frazzled from the experience. I wrestle him to the ground until I hear someone shout, "There's another gun! A REAL one!!" I look around to see that there is another one nearby that looks alot more realistic than the fake. The guy I'm restraining goes for it but I keep holding him so he can't. I grab it myself though so no one else can until I hear a loud click above my head. "DROP IT BITCH!" I look up to find the muzzle of an AK-47 in my face. I immediately listen to him and drop it. I take a glimpse at the guy's face and he's black, wearing stereotypical gangsta attire with sunglasses and blue bandannas on his face and head to hide his identity. Other goons in his group are standing around holding regular pistols. There's 2 sports cars parked nearby that are running too, which must be him and his crew's getaway cars. He grabs the gun off the ground while still aimed at me and makes a motion like he's gonna really shoot me. All I can do is spread my arms wider and flatter so I can really show that I have no other weapons. I'm terrified and seriously wonder if this is how I go. God I hope not. PLEASE let me survive this... But then, as if he heard my thoughts, him and his crew jump in their cars and speed off. Nobody stirs for about a minute and then everyone slowly gets up including myself. I feel really traumatized by the whole thing but sooo relieved because I survived. I have a newfound respect for life too now that I've been given a second chance. The scene skips to later and I'm in the bathroom of what looks like my house but it's more rundown than it is irl. I'm washing my hands trying to get drops of blood off but I can't seem to remember from who or what. I see the worms in the sink again coming from underneath the ladybug shell. This time I watch as the disgusting critters crawl out from them and around the drain. Then Sheldon pops in looking exhausted and stressed as all hell. Rightly so given what we all just went through. He sits down by me and talks about how amazing it is that we survived. Apparently he's a part-time firefighter too and admits out of everything he's been though he's never been though anything quite like that. The scene changes again and I'm at my old college campus of CCS wandering around aimlessly. Alot of things have changed since I used to go here and even since the last time I visited, which was a few years ago. It makes me feel kinda nostalgic for my college days really. I see a cool art display of about 12 paintings. They're all different but have a similar theme to them although I can't remember much about what they looked like now. I just remember admiring them and other people coming over to do the same. I wake up during this time too but feeling actually traumatized from the previous dream cos it was so realistic.