The "Insane" Prank & Fun Sexy Times with Erica

Date: 6/16/2017

By fluffytree

Easy sleep: 1:30am~3:00am Just remember being at a digital art shop that's also a restaurant with the Exploring Crew from YouTube and also my high school class of PWA. I'm a senior as usual when I dream about hs and so I have my uniform on. Most of my senior classmates are here too as well as a few juniors but most of them are just hanging out in the back. I'm with Josh and Cody from the ExploringWithJosh YouTube channel and we're apparently friends cos we're all just chilling out in the front area. Seems like a pitstop for them among many since they have their camera equipment and all with them. This place is kinda odd cos it's trying to be some sort of restaurant but it's main thing is renting out high end tablets and stuff to the general public to do digital art on. I do notice quite a few kids with their families which is to be expected at a business like this one. Anyway we rent ours but keep running into issues because shortly after we acquire all the tablets and physical brushes (which doesn't make sense unless they're some sort of new stylus brush) one of the staff tend to take it away without giving us a reason. It's really frustrating. I get pissed when my niece is drawing on one and this thin black guy with glasses and a beard in a lab coat who seems to work here, snatches everything away from her. I confront him and am like what the hell, but he doesn't answer, only sucks his teeth and grimaces before storming away. What is this dude's problem? I wanna fight him but probably not a good idea. Josh just shouts across the room how he'll just rent more. He's always in a happy go lucky mood no matter what and that's one of the things I like about him. The dream skips in time a bit where I'm sitting at a table drawing and eating while a movie is playing on a big projector in front of us. It's Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete, which is one of my favorite Japanese CG films if not my favorite of all time. I've seen it plenty of times so I don't really pay attention. My classmates in the back are keeping up alot of noise though and people around me are getting annoyed including myself. I get more than annoyed though, in fact I get kinda pissed because they're being so inconsiderate and disrespectful. I'm still not happy about earlier with that guy in the lab coat taking our crap so this pushes me over the edge. I figure I'll scare my schoolmates into thinking I've lost it and gonna seriously hurt them if they don't shut up. Back in hs irl I was pretty quiet so people would joke about how I was gonna blow up the school one day. They were just playing but I could tell most felt intimidated by me because I hardly ever spoke or reacted to anything anyone said. So I figured surely this prank would come off as super believable from me. I get up and go back there looking super pissed while walking with a violent intent in my stride; very swift and very hard. They all got quiet and all I remembered seeing were lots of wide eyed stares. Good it seems to be shutting them up. I just continue walking around looking like a total madman while staring at one or two people. I see Malissa again like I always do in hs dreams and start wondering how she'll think of me after this since she's always nice to me and seems to flirt here and there. She's afraid too though. I decide this is enough but then spot John Brown on my way back. He's a junior and always was annoyingly cocky to the point where I kinda wanted to fight him back then and knock him down a peg but never did. I never got into any fights in hs actually, only thought about them. Anyway I shoulder check him knowing this will set him off and it does. "Da fuck is yo problem?" he says while angrily glaring at me up and down. All I would need to do is push him or something to instantly put him in fight mode. A part of me wants to really do it but another part doesn't want the hassle. So I just continue to glare back still looking crazy and walk back to where I was sitting. He says something like, "Crazy ass bitch," but I don't look back. I feel sort of embarrassed that I did that and start to actually start feeling crazy, but whatever, at least they seem quiet now. Someone at my table drops a case of brushes that fall all over the place and so I'm frantically trying to get them all up while looking kinda stupid doing so. I'm sure my classmates are laughing at me but I don't look to see though. Now I'm in a completely different place but I have these memories that I was just here before the previous dream. In clearly in a bedroom and a very elegant one at that. I'm on the bed and Erica is in front of me wearing this lacy see through dress and she looks hot in it. We were just friends in hs and I never saw her as more than that even though she was pretty hot. I think I didn't feel like I ever would have a chance with someone like her so I never gave it much thought to ask her out. She was really social and outgoing compared to my shy introverted self so that's another reason why I figured it wouldn't work probably. Anyhow, she smiles at me wantingly and it feels like we're in love. I'm definitely excited and turned on right now that's for sure. I lift up her gown and start caressing her thigh while she proceeds to get on top of me while putting my face in both her hands. Her hands are so warm and soft... Unfortunately my alarm woke me up at this point. Bummer.