Flying in a mechanics shop

Date: 7/15/2017

By MsBananaNanner

I was in a mall with a friend, but I also had a small child with me. We're mostly just shopping. This mall is really huge, with a bunch of parts branching off the main part. We head over into one of the branches and then go into a huge store. I get split up from the rest of my group at some point. I remember looking at fancy dresses, except they were all very strange. I'm not sure what it was about them, but there was something. I did a lot in this store, but it isn't very clear anymore. I think I met Santa though, even though it wasn't Christmas time. After a while I get bored so I go outside. It's very hot, and the sun is just about to set. I can fly now, and I go around a little embankment and see a tire/mechanic shop. Once it's dark I decide to go near it. Something had happened before, and I couldn't get back into the mall. I figure this mechanic shop is connected, so I devise a plan to fly through it and get back into the mall that way. Inside, I can hear people working over in the warehouse side somewhere. There's like saws going and forklifts and giant chains rattling and whatnot. I float over a counter to an office type space. Lights are off and I don't see anyone. I fly through a few rooms trying to find a way out. I keep getting lost in this building and wind up back in the office several times. At a certain point, a few of the workers see me. Something in my head tells me that it's fine, it's just a dream (I don't think I was necessarily fully lucid or anything, but a little bit) so I just fly past them. It feels really great to fly, and it's pretty easy in this dream. Sometimes it takes some effort for me to fly in my dreams, but in this one I really just floated and didn't have to exert much force to move. I don't think I ever got back into the mall.