Old friends, ghosts, and demons.

Date: 8/11/2017

By TotalWeabz

So, once again I don't remember a majority of my dreams. But from where I clearly remember, I was going to visit Lillian and Michael who I hadn't seen for years in real life (and in real life they where gonna become my step siblings a few years ago, but my mom and their dad broke up). So I took a weird looking van (I know a relative drove me but I don't remember who) to their house. Their house was surrounded by what looked like an eerie forest (there were still some buildings within the vicinity). So I went in, and I saw my two brothers playing a video game (?) with Michael. I was happy to see Michael and apparently he had shaved all his hair. I went and knocked on Lillian's door as well as her dad's. Their dad didn't come out (I don't think I see him throughout the dream, I don't remember) but I know he said something to me through the door. So, Lillian came out and I was very elated because I was very fond of her when we lived together, even if we fought a lot (in real life). Strangely enough, Lillian also completely shaved her hair off. (Backstory: 2 days ago before this dream in real life, I went and shaved all my hair off because I wanted to try something new). So over the course of this dream I came to realize that the area around the house, excluding the house itself, was riddled with ghosts and demons; both with comedic ones, and shit-in-your-pants horrifying ones. Now from here on out, the rest of my dream is iffy because I don't remember what happened. But I know there was some sort of device that could help you ward off(?) the unwanted guests. I don't think it worked much. The ghosts and demons would look back at me as I would observe them from inside the house. I did this because I was trying to convince myself that there was nothing to be afraid of, as they were no different from humans. (Backstory: in real life, before I went to sleep I was trying to convince myself to not be afraid of inhuman things, because we won't be able to face aliens in space if we can't face our own demons on earth. I'm being dead serious). So I remember that there was a man who wasn't afraid of a demon he had encountered: the demon was trying to instill fear into him, but he turned the tables on it and mad the demon so scared that he fell backwards onto his butt. Witnessing this gave me some courage and a minuscule amount of support. It gets iffy again, because I think I went outside (?) I don't know what I did though. From here the only thing I remember is at the end of the dream: apparently, the denizens of hell had political issues as well, and I somehow affected their election(?) negatively in the parts that I don't remember, and somehow an evil demon, that would bring harm to demons/ghost and humans alike, became their leader. I tried to stop/kill him (even though he was shit-your-pants scary and I was terrified) with the ineffective weapon from before. It didn't work, and then I woke up.