Date: 2/18/2017


Was in a house in this town, tash and cyd were there, I tried to get them involved, also the alport kinda and a kid with green eyes.we were all upstairs drinking so much water. It was tree house and me and cyd were climbing all over it. There was a bit where it was unstable and I would fall for ages and ages and the bamboo sticks couldn't hold me, I just fell on to another stick for a long time in the dream. Another point I was kid sitting for this baby and I loved it but I kept using the stove while holding him which isn't in the rules it was to be my profession so I had someone watching me to see if I did it right. I tried to play with the baby who was a chunky blonde boy and he was quite naughty but also good and cuddly and had very smooth skin. I had to go to the toilet aswell, and so did this lady who was watching me and she went first and said she was gonna do it in the open and Meg said you can't do that. I disagreed because she had a longs, so could cover herself up while weeing. There was also a point where I had got changed outside and kids came out of there school and I held my dress up so it covers my bum, I hid in this house which had guys staying in and they were beautiful people. And one said he didn't like to travel on his own. At one point it was raining and it would stop and start and so would screaming then gunshots, this was when I was naked so I went into this house and sat down to get changed. At first the place was Emmy and I had been there before and a man had been there this time there wasn't but suddenly there was a young man with long blonde hair sitting down and so then the others appeared. In my dream I also recall wanting to write down my dream! Which means it could've been a lucid possibility!!! However I then woke up