Rat Hunter

Date: 6/17/2017

By itsliz

I had something of a nightmare last night. I don't remember how it started but the part I do remember is that I lied down on a curvy and very uncomfortable chair-sofa. It seemed like a decorative chair that was an off-white peachy color and I had to sleep on it because the house was full. The room was very pomp. The white carpet was thick with peach-white walls and white furniture with pictures of fuzzy white cats and more decorative white-light pink chairs. I remember lying down and a copper toy poodle came to lay down next to me and it reminded me that I had to get ready for one of my twin nieces -- Olivia I believe, since I felt like her habit was to lay in my back. Despite this I also felt a panic because deep down I thought or knew that rats are prone to lying on my back, too. Olivia hadn't arrived yet but I sat up because I was nervous. I hadn't sat up for a moment before family came flooding in. I got on my knees on the floor with the kids with Olivia in front of me, getting ready to sleep but wanting story time first. I guess a rat fell from the ceiling because I smacked it against the dresser and hide it between the leg of it and the carpet which was shaggy enough that it covered most of its body. I couldn't listen to story time because I was watching this rat wondering if someone would find it or if I should put it away but somehow I felt ashamed doing it and felt there was only 1 solution. Time skip and scene change to the meat shop in my hometown except the place looked rundown and like a swamp gad moved in. There's a chain link fence that makes a pathway through the store with swamp water up to the waist. I guess I listen to some rules because I'm apparently there to do hunting, thinking if I bring dead animals then it's an excuse to have a dead rat. The announcer says no foul play and just don't leave the pathway and to take whatever animals you want, that there might even be a bonus. I get a gun and start wading through the swamp water. The chain link fence is to my left and I look over to see a ton of fat snacks trying to slither away, but I pay them no mind thinking they're more afraid of me to be dangerous. I wade through lily pads and manage to find some rats and t start grabbing them to put them in a plastic bag I brought thinking they would suffocate and die on their own and I wouldn't have to worry about shooting them. Then I wake up.