A Stange Getaway

Date: 7/8/2017

By nohaboa97

It all starts at a home I don't live in situated around a lake at the base of a snowy mountain range. There's a large, flat area about half way up the nearest portion of the range that serves as a base camp and has cabins and a few trees. Base camp also has a few different ski lift bottoms. On the mountain to the right, about halfway between base camp and the top, there's another flat area (much smaller) with a single building. It also has an outdoor heated pool. In most scenarios, I probably wouldn't have known about base camp very well because there was a small elevator in a building at the bottom of the mountain that took you up through the mountain to the higher building (the one with the pool). However, I could fly and since I sometimes have control over my dreams decided to look around a bit. Before letting my dream sweep me away, I attempted to gather my surroundings as best I could. Beyond the mountain range was nothing (not like flat earth or anything, it literally just fell off into nothing) as well as on the far side of the city where my house was sitting. The city itself seemed pretty small, only containing 2 story houses each about large enough to comfortably house 2 people (probably a kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom in each house). The roofs were all red with those terra cotta roof shingle things, which I've found I actually really like. At this point, I let my dream take charge and do what it wanted, but it was already late into the afternoon. The first thing I did was fly up to the building above base camp. There I met a lovely woman who, despite the cold temperatures outside, was wearing a onsie swimsuit. She was offering rides on a tube she would pull behind her boat. I accepted but I got the feeling that there was something else going on here (in a sexual way). Time passed until the sun had set and risen again. She was waiting in the boat at my house but she was wearing normal clothes and asked to use my bathroom to change. I consented and she entered. She began changing but when she came out she had failed to place the crotch strip correctly which gave me full view of the front of her vagina. My dream faded to black at this point and I remember it coming back while I'm in the boat with my apparently new girlfriend. The dream then very dramatically shifted tones. I got a call and dove out of the boat: I was to recover some document hiding beneath the city in an elaborate cave system (I've been reading too much scp lately and like the idea of being on one of the elite task forces). I made it to the document without incident, but once I began to make my way up through the tunnels (which now that I'm remembering them remind me of the old New York from Futurama) and was fortunately in a shadow when I first came across mother nature. She had grown fat, but I guessed that was what the document had to do with. She was ghostly white (I mean literally, she wore tattered clothing but everything was white or incredibly pale green; her eyes had no pupil or iris) and smelled strongly of mildew (which led me to believe she had been underground for quite some time). She burst through the floor, her head and shoulders resting in the tunnel where I hid while she looked around. When she didn't see me, she went straight through the roof, causing a small cave in (though I could get around). As I began forward she burst through the floor again in the same spot, startling me back into hiding. She left again. I began running in that direction, desperate to leave. She rounded the corner behind me and flew at me trying to chase me down. I began flying, using all of my energy to go as fast as possible but still she gained on me. I just barely made it to the end of the hallway and dashed up and out into the sunlight, with her screaming behind me "fat shamer" for whatever reason. I woke up.