Date: 9/29/2019

By CierraNichole03

I saw the news. A meteor was going to hit our town. I was anxious. Maybe it was fake news. But then there was screaming. I didn't hear a bang? I didn't feel a shake? I look out the window and the town in on fire... The meteor had struck. I rush and tell Albert we have to go. He, of course was taking his time. We got all the stuff we could fit into a car, mostly food, and the babies essentials. I tell him we need to go get the boys. We pick them up and we are driving. We don't know where though. We passed a gas station with countless amount of people in body bags lying lifelessly. I'm still in the back seat trying to get the baby settled in while the boys are jumping in the front seat. We get to a safe house and all went to sleep. I woke up go into the kitchen we're all the kids are looking for something to eat. We eat. And I wake up.