Phone Emergency, Homeless and Lost

Date: 4/25/2017

By seascarlet

1: I was at a house with a couple of teenage boys in it when my phone made a text sound. I looked at it, and it said a name and then 'help'. There was a default background pic of an ambulance with this particular emergency message service. As soon as I touched the screen, the mom of a former client was on the other line saying he had been really violent again. She didn't want the advice I was giving her, then I realized since he was a former client, I should have just directed her to contact his therapist. 2: I was temporarily homeless, and lost. I felt profoundly lost because I was also homeless, but at the same time like being lost didn't matter much. It was raining a bit and I was looking for a male friend's house. I was young, like older teenager. I was wearing my oldest, ripped up jeans. A man started following me and I slipped into a house and out the back door to get away from him. This was a thing homeless people did sometimes when they were in danger. Eventually I found my friend's house and spent some time with him until the rain stopped. I had to leave though because it was getting dark and I needed to find some other place. Maybe my home? I went in the living room and his mom was there. I had taken a shower but had to put my wet muddy jeans back on. The mom seemed surprised by this, but I just shrugged. The jeans were hard to put back on wet. It was getting dark as I left.