Apartment Hunting 🏢

Date: 6/20/2017

By nikoloverfriend

TL;DR I was apartment hunting. There was a creepy listing for a guest house at a zoo with no animals in the pictures. One of the conditions for living there was cleaning a two-way mirror. Another apartment consisted of three very small stories with two kitchen levels and not enough floor space to place a bed. --- I was apartment hunting in LA, looking for affordable units that only accepted high credit scores. One of the units was a guest house in a zoo. It looked more like a vineyard in the pictures as there were no animals. One of the conditions for living there was cleaning a mirror. The listing said it was a two-way mirror mostly, but a five-way mirror for the owner. I tried to find out what it looked like and where it was, but there weren't any pictures of it nor of the unit itself so I didn't do an onsite visit. I went to one unit that was three very small floors. The first floor was the living room with a sectional couch that took up 25% of the floor space and a washer and dryer underneath the stairs. The second floor was the kitchen and the third floor looked like a lesser kitchen, too. There wasn't enough floor space to place a bed or a dining table, but maybe a card table.