moon water

Date: 8/13/2019

By juulianjuice

i was with 2-3 other people. one of which was for sure a female. i can’t remember the other two. she was a beautiful asian girl with glowing skin. we all walked down a long path leading too the sea in the nighttime. the sky was so beautiful and infinite, the moon was large and bright and lit up the world. we walked through the path being bathed in the moonlight. it felt spiritual. we were still supposedly home in nova scotia. the girl smiled at me and said to walk into the water. i told her essentially she must be crazy and i wouldn’t get in because of how cold the water would be. and she said to me “but it’s not cold tonight..” she walked in and grinned up at me. i remembering thinking of how attractive she was. all of our skin was glowing. i stepped into the water and was amazed it was comfortable. the water matched the temperature of my skin, something i’ve never experienced before. the other person walked past me going deeper into the water up to their shins. i walked out more too. only to discover what we were standing on was a small patch of sand shaped like a C. outward it dropped nearly straight downward. aligning the downward slope were glowing objects. i wanted one so badly, more than anything. we were planning to get them. i remember one was shaped like a large glowing starfish. but not made of natural material it was as if the object was just made of a simple silver glow. the asian girl picked up a smaller object easier to reach. it lit up even more once picked out of the ocean. it was so so beautiful. i wanted to go in to get the starfish object. i went deeper and deeper. the dream felt like it never ended, but this was the last thing i can remember before switching to another dream.