mom's bf called me

Date: 2/1/2017

By Purple

I was waiting for a bus on WPR by the old Corner furniture store. I was deep in thought about my schedule for the day. I could go home first, then the city, or kill time in the city and be there on time to do errand (which I don't recall what it was I had to do). I decided to head into the city early so I can get home that much earlier. Mom's bf called me and asked me to call him back. I didn't recognize the number and I didn't listen to the voicemail message at first. Then mom called me and told me to ignore her boyfriend's message. Mom proceeded to ask me how she can find someone else to marry when she divorced this guy. I was shocked my mom was in and out of marriages like she was changing undies. In the waking world, she was only married once, to my dad. She also never introduced me to any of her boyfriends or gave either of us the other person's phone number. When I listened to her boyfriend's message, I had to listen a few times. Between his soft speaking voice, his accent and the street noise around me, it was hard to hear everything. Waking thoughts: today while listening to Ramsey podcast, there was a caller who said the mom's boyfriend wanted to buy a house with the daughter's name on the mortgage.