Naptime Dream

Date: 2/18/2017

By chloe-d

I'm watching my high school's baseball tryouts with this guy, Dan, who i'm dating in this dream, and my best friend, Tony. We move from the baseball field to this track, which looks like what our football field would look like if it were a running track instead. Tony disappears and everyone's walking up the stairs. On my way up, I drop something, so I go back down to get it and Dan waits for me. Dan helps me back up when I see the guy who i'm into looking at us kinda disappointed. Once we get to the top of the stairs, it isn't actually bleachers, but flat, open gravel like was on the bottom. Dan and my crush both disappear and I see Tony crouched in a ball with his mouth wide open. I assume it's because I'm dating someone, so I tell him it's not a big deal. He shakes his head, keeping the same expression so I look at what he's staring at. It's Khadi Don, who's a comedian/youtuber/viner??? we really like. She's taking a picture with this other girl, so I wait and then ask for a picture myself. We take a picture, and Khadi walks closer to Tony, who's shaking at this point and nervously also asks for a picture. I'm taking their picture for them when I see a billboard behind them. I look up at it and I see the girl who was with Khadi. I look over at her and I see that she's glaring at the two of them kind of angrily. I wondered who she was, and woke up.