Date: 3/3/2019

By EzlsL0wTIHYO36lzALRFRY91m

I was sailing in unrealistically calm water, and it was sunset. I found my friend on another boat, and joined her. Her boat was a medium size, and had a huge arcade game on one side, almost like a wall. Apparently we had known each other for a long time, and we wanted to keep in touch, but there was no reception in the middle of the ocean. She said she would ask for her friends laptop when she sailed to Japan. Then I tied a small raft to the back of the boat, and filled it with pretty lights and glowing balls. It looked great. Then I threw a glowing buoy into the ocean. It was yellow, and had a big star on top. It was floating away, so I tried to jump out of the boat and grab it. But I didn't want to jump. It always stayed in the same place, just bobbing up and down. --END---