Angry Youths

Date: 9/14/2019

By WhoPotterVianOffTwitter

My Mum dropped me off at my workplace before my shift because I had to pick something up that I had forgotten the previous day. For some reason we had to do this before my shift, then my Mum was going to take me back home and we were going to return to the shop when my shift was about to start. So I went into the shop, collected a bag with whatever it was I'd forgotten inside and returned to where my Mum was parked. There were a pair of youths arguing outside. I commented that one of them sounded like Adam Buxton, who plays Jarhead in The Crystal Maze, and my Mum told me not to say that out loud as you don't want to anger them. Turns out she was right. I climbed into my Mum's courtsey car and as she was driving, the youths started attacking the vehicle. My Mum was visibly scared and tried to manoeuvre the car away.