Date: 6/6/2017

By drunchee

So I'm at a playground, I think at St. Ann's, and Allie and Natalie and maybe one other Allison friend group gal is on this spinny play toy thing, that u sit under and spin the top part, it's like a table. I go over and allison says to sit by her so I do. The whole time we're laughing and talking and holding hands, and Natalie's making jokes about us but I don't care cuz I'm loving it. But, my bare feet are under the spinning thing and my feet lately have been peeling like crazy so I was scared allie would see and be disgusted. She didn't though. We eventually went inside the school and passed some hallways. I think I was at a Vacation Bible School sort of thing; helping out children. After the event, a ton of people are leaving the building with their kids. I spot Allison and her mom and dad and ask her if I'd been dreaming. She is confused and I hear her parents explain to her what I meant as I hurry forwards to catch up with my mom. I really was dreaming, which sucks, cuz it was a pleasant dream.