weird storm, ends with UFO

Date: 2/6/2017

By goodyearkyle

Slept for 5:55, feb 6 , 2017 With Dan outside of house in sandpoint, storm stars up, only thunder and lightning, lightning gets crazy like really crazy, Dan and I both started recording lighting storm with phone, I think of how it's a good time to get back inside before it gets worse, but then, de, dur dur dur dur de... wtf is that sound? The lightning was silent only this sound, Flying space UFO circle goes right over us, spinning really fast , I don't think it saw us even though it was right overhead, I instinctively point camera at it while trying to yell " Dan there's a f.... " instantly,as soon as my camera is literally pointed at the fucking spinning silver metal, UFO shines spotlight on us and I am frozen, can't do anything can't talk can't move can't blink, feels like I'm flying , I am awake? I feel like I'm still in same spot where I was lifted by UFO but yet I know I'm in bed I slowly point this out to myself over and over, I am awake , my hands are shaking, heart is beating, that seemed way too real, oddly the lighting was large yet low resolution in the dream, UFO crystal clear, in front of dans parents house, halfway dark blue sky