Getting away = The Devil

Date: 1/24/2019

By safvy

My dream started off as my brother and I hiding away from the cops, near this house I’ve also had multiple dreams of. (Brief info on this house: so this house has been a evil house that holds many spirits & the last dream I had of this house to make a long story short was we burned it down because of the evil spirits it had and how it wanted to trap us in the house (at our own will) which is strange but true. ) The reason we were hiding was because we robbed a bank. I know forsure it was me and two of my brothers, but for some reason I only have a memory of my second brother robbing the bank with us, where he went after that is a mystery. Anyway, so Derrick and I are hiding and I asked him how are we going to get away and what we should do and he said that if I go inside the HOUSE and chant something (which was so particular when he told me but I can’t remember) then I would see the devil and from there that’s how I’d be free, like nothing ever happened. Derrick came out of the house holding a white bowl with things inside ( I can’t remember what was inside) but I remember thinking about it at that point like if I go there and say the chant, I’ll basically be selling my soul to the devil and I don’t wanna do that so I walked away. /: I can’t remember the rest of the dream but it was very vivid! Wish I could remember the chant! UPDATE: I forgot this part, so after leaving the house I asked Derrick if he wanted to go to “this” house or back where our family was (for his comfort). And he said he wanted to go where our fam was. I remember us walking into this hotel like set us, but it was our “home” and then my dream switched (Derrick was still holding that white bowl with this ‘stuff’ in there btw) I was walking into this gloomy room and as I hit the crack pipe (I don’t smoke crack and have never tried it before but I swear I know how it felt.. weird) I started thinking how I needed to get rid of my friends and get new ones. Friends that are into things that I’m into.

AI generated interpretation Based on your dream, it appears to be a manifestation of various anxieties and conflicts you may be experiencing in your waking life. The theme of "getting away" in your dream can be symbolic of a desire to escape or avoid a certain situation or responsibility. This could indicate a feeling of being overwhelmed or burdened in your waking life. The presence of the cops suggests a fear of being caught or punished for something, indicating feelings of guilt or unease about past actions or choices. The recurring house in your dream represents a place of spiritual and psychological significance. The evil spirits and burning of the house in your previous dream suggest a need for purging negative influences or experiences. This could symbolize a desire for transformation or renewal in your life. The bank robbery in your dream may represent a sense of desperation or a need for material or financial security. It could also reflect feelings of powerlessness or a desire for control over your circumstances. The involvement of your brother in the dream suggests a need for support or guidance from someone close to you. The mention of chanting and encountering the devil implies a temptation to make a deal or compromise your values in order to escape the consequences of your actions. However, your hesitation in selling your soul suggests a moral conflict or resistance to taking the easy way out. The subsequent part of the dream with the hotel-like set serves as a transition point, where you are potentially seeking solace or comfort in the presence of your family. The mention of the white bowl with unknown contents held by your brother may symbolize a sense of mystery or hidden aspects of yourself or your relationship with your brother. The final part of the dream, with you using a crack pipe and contemplating getting new friends, suggests a possible dissatisfaction or disconnection with your current social circle. This could indicate a desire for more genuine connections or a need to surround yourself with individuals who share your interests and values. Overall, this dream highlights a conflict between wanting to escape or avoid consequences, and the moral dilemma of compromising your values in the process. It also reflects a yearning for transformation, renewal, and more fulfilling relationships in your waking life.