A Witch, An Amnesiac Drug Addict Werewolf, an Ex Girlfriend, and the Supernatural Softball Team.

Date: 2/15/2017

By Fitful

I was a young shy girl at college. I had been part of a small team (softball I think) but I decided I wasn't getting enough from it. They only had 13 players. After speaking with the people at headquarters, which was just a room with a conference table and older students in charge, I changed groups. I changed to the group, it was a whim, of a guy I liked. I thought he was interesting and funny. He was a drug addict and always half asleep/high during the meetings but his comments were the shit. The leader asked me why I wanted to join that team. I told him the drug addict, I am sure he had a name, had made a comment about having 59 members on his team, and I decided I liked that. There were lots of options. And I needed to interact more with people. Apparently I was painfully shy and needed socialization. So the leader said "OK, we leave for the bus in ten minutes. Let your team members know. Grab you member card and get on the bus." I was eager to follow the rules and went and got the things I needed, the member card which was a credit card, and bumped into a blonde girl in the cafeteria. She was with a friend I didn't really see that well as I had only eyes for her. Well downcast eyes, I didn't feel happy to see her, but I wanted to see her terribly. I told her we were leaving for the bus now, collect your member card and lets go. She didn't immediately head to the bus but reassured me she was headed that way and went to dump her tray. I left towards the bus and somehow bought two cigarettes between the cafeteria and the trees over by the bus. I was suddenly stressed out. I was about to smoke one, knowing I had quit recently and it would probably set back me back. And then the blonde girl comes barreling in and grabs the cigarette, saying oh no she won't allow that because i quit, and takes the one in my mouth away before I can inhale, and takes the other one too. She smokes them and I just walk way. It's clearer to me now. Based on the emotions, she is an ex, and this is the awkward phase after a break up. I have a feeling we've been broken up about 3 months now. We begin traveling. We take the bus and stop at night. I never do see us get to these "softball" events. Sometimes we camp out in tents or just sleeping bags. Sometimes houses of people some of us know. It's clear to me while I might be a shy, insecure young college girl by day, during the night I dance naked beneath a full moon doing spells. Apparently I am a witch. I cut to the perspective of someone spying on me, so I see myself walking brazenly between snoring sleeping bags to get to the clearing and perform, it's just The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, nothing hardcore but to the person watching, well they know nothing and are terrified out of their mind, and a bit turned on by naked me. Anyway they record me, and add their own silly scared commentary postulating the horrors I'm conjuring. Suddenly I am attacked by a werewolf, it's one of those man/wolf hybrids, beautiful actually. It's insane and goes immediately for my neck, I fight back and eventually injury it. It turns into the drug addict, my friend, and I am sad. I heal completely and put him to bed. He heals slower but still supernaturally. The next morning I am myself my own perspective again. I speak with the drug addict who is my friend, he doesn't remember a thing. This happens again and again, the unknown guy recording, the wolf attacking me every night. I hurt him every night to get away, nearly take off his head, but he's the same every morning. Is perfectly healed and doesn't remember a thing except he wants cocaine. Or heroine. Or whatever drug addicts want. He does take a lot of sick days, and the group just lets him be in bed, even still pays him while he's sick, which didn't make much sense to me before but now I know. They know about him. The werewolf him. But more is there I find out. I'm chatting with the lead members of the group and they take it normally. A few times supernatural stuff happens, and they just order him to forget and he does. All they say is, can you forget now please, and boom. He's down and wakes up set back to normal. It was all tied together, why he was a drug addict, why he was a werewolf, and his forgetting switch. It all made sense now. We stop and stay at someone's parents house. They are either mine or that blonde girl who is my ex. I don't know which because I am in the perspective of their daughter and call them parents. They are two women, longe blonde hair amazing in color and sheen. They occasionally waffle between human form and that of something else like my eye just can't sustain the beautiful image the whole time and sometimes I seem them as large golden creatures. They are simply lovely despite what ever origin they have, sweet and nice. One jokingly calls on the "I am the birth mother" card but it's just cute and natural, not separating. The other one makes art from trash and broken or destroyed things. She is English and I'm confused a couple times because I can't tell if we are in England or not. I conclude we aren't because everyone else is American. I don't really like the art, but I suppose art is subjective, and I do leave her happy with it. A military general turned out to be the one who had been spying on me with the video camera, or some relative of his new to our group. But the general comes to out us, storming in by himself because no one would believe him about werewolves and witches, and he gets his memory erased. I am with the blonde girl (ex) and we have gone into town after traveling for a while. Apparently we would be in the road weeks without visiting a town. It was clear our "sports team" was just a cover for us supernatural folks. But we did get this great discount for being in it. The card, the blonde girl showed me, when you swiped them for a week after the first initial swipe you could buy things pennies on the dollar. Like a $16 bottle of iron supplements was like 10 cents. And everything would be like that for the next week after the initial swipe. Then it would turn off until swiped again. She was telling me all this while stocking up at the pharmacy. I was amazed. But they all had a card and could do this. I could do this. I would never have to worry about money again.