God is out to get me

Date: 7/18/2019

By casualxalex

Latley the numbers 11 or just 1 in general have been appearing almost always and in some cases my dreams have been making that apparent that this has been a constant number to see, one specifically i found a bible verse, Jeremiah 11:11, when i woke up i had gone into the living room where my grandpa was watching the movie "us" so i had walked in when a man was holding a sign saying "Jeremiah 11:11" i though 'wow what a coincidence i just had a dream like that?' and i ignored it till i got curious, i had opened an old bible in my room and read the verse, i was shocked in all honesty, and taking in the fact ive seen 11 or 1 during normal days i also relaized that i usually always make wishes at 11:11, and when i talked to my grandpa about he he had waarned me about wishes during that time, so ive just decided not to wish for anything as it may backfire on me or be something that will hurt me. To be safe in a way just in case it means somthing