A lot of things happened ok

Date: 6/12/2017

By Nepetas_Legion

It started off with me playing World of Warcraft for the first time (I should probably mention that I know nothing about this game lmao). I just grabbed an Xbox controller that wasn't even connected to anything and the disc for the game (I'm not even sure if this is an Xbox game why did I dream about this) and started playing. Suddenly a bunch of trash cans appeared in front of me, and they were apparently the "servers" in the game. I'd press a button and it would teleport me to a random server. The first one I went to was completely empty, but the second one had a bunch of empty chocolate milk cartons in it, so I knew there were people there I could play with. I entered the server and saw a group of people hanging out. I joined them and we started to play the game, which was apparently just us looking for certain objects in a certain amount of time. We made it through several levels before we got to one where we had to fund these paintings that contained women flaunting their cleavage. I found all of them except for one, which was apparently sewn the strap on a bag that was hanging from the door handle of the pantry. We all commented on how clever the hiding spot was and the game ended. I then turned into Ruby Rose from RWBY, and I was at some kind of place with a group of people where there was a bunch of legendary Pokémon that we could battle if we were strong enough. I tried summoning this small shop run by Uncle Qrow so I could get my Pokémon and some battle items that would make them stronger, but the only thing that came was an alchemist pocket watch from Fullmetal Alchemist and a weird halberd combined with a hammer. I wasn't sure what the pocket watch would do but I grabbed it anyways along with the halberd/hammer and ran over to where the Pokémon were appearing. Suddenly there's this gigantic brown Chinese dragon flying around, which I think was supposed to be the Ultimate Pokémon or something. I teamed up with Ron Weasley, and together we decided to be complete idiots and attack it ourselves. We were able to jump really high so we jumped up to its head and started beating the crap out of it. We eventually killed it when Ron stuck a spear up its nose, and while doing so getting a bloody nose himself. We met back up with our group and walked off into the sunset while Ron got blood everywhere because his nose wouldn't stop bleeding. I later met back up with Uncle Qrow, who was apparently part of a business that bedazzled shoes. I talked to him for a bit while his coworkers were "working." I later learned that they didn't do anything because they "needed his help" and they "ran out of jewels" which I thought was complete bullshit.