time travel party and a lot of dead people

Date: 3/12/2017

By Tjika

I was at a party with my family and my boyfriend. We were eating strange food. At some point my ex came to the party as well. I welcomed him very cheerfully although I was worried about my boyfriend's reaction. He didn't react at all so it was alright. My ex came there with his ex, a girl I knew from high school. After a while I wanted to apologise to my boyfriend about letting my ex come to the party, bit soon I realised I was talking to a fake plant. It wasn't even a big plant, so I don't really understand how I could confuse them even in a dream. I was afraid someone had seen it, but everyone had sort of teleported inside and was watching old videos of my parents wedding. I started watching too. I saw them coming out of the church. suddenly everyone was roller skating through the streets being chased by a car and they thought it was great fun. I saw myself doing it too and suddenly I was actually there. It felt really normal and the other guests had all time traveled there too. We had arrived in an amusement park. There were these benches which looked like old cars going around the park and I got into one which had the coca cola zero brand on it. While I moved around the park in the car thingy I sang weird words and sometimes sounds which reminded me of a siren for some reason, it was beautiful, creepy and hypnotising and overall a little strange. after that I was trying to get out of the park. Apparently the time travelers knew something very bad was going to happen. There were people running around and many were panicking. There was a little boy who felt bad about people being held in the park (they weren't allowed to leave) so he put away the gates holding everyone inside. There were apparently quite some sick people who were quickly dying in a painful and bloody way. People dealing with it seemed to think it was a disease, but I knew they'd been pooisened. The time travelers weren't there to help these people though, even though some knew how. I wanted to go somewhere, but I'm not sure where. It felt like there was someone I wanted to see, so I joined the time travelers to be able to see that person. I fel to the ground soon after getting out of the park and spoke to a poisened woman. She was telling me something which made me very sad, but I guess it was mostly the fact that she was bleeding and in pain that hier me since I never really heard what she said. She died right after that and while people in white suits were running around a group of time travelers found me and shot me with a tranuilizer. I looked up, because I didn't faint right away and saw this woman with a sort of evil smile filled with a bit of pity. She had expected me to do this apparently and wanted to take me back like s child that had done something bad. I jumped through time a bit as the dream continued. I was sitting on the same field I think as when I was shot with a girl. I was really sad. She told me we had come here for one reason only, to save our dad. I knew that, although I knew and hasn't told her that I was actually there for another reason, which was not the weird woman's reason either. I was really sad though when I realised and told that girl who apparently was my sister that we could never save our dad, because it was against the rules. I cried, because it was painful to know I would never do anything to save him. I hugged my sister while crying, but when I woke up during this part I wasn't crying anymore. I hadn't cried in real life and I didn't feel sad anymore either, which for some reason felt very weird, as if I'd lived someone else's life. In real life I don't actually have a sister by the way and there is no one in my life who I was very close to who died, let alone someone as close as my dad. In real life he is absolutely fine.