Reggie Facetime Chick

Date: 4/29/2017

By donnamae

So Me and Reggie was just hanging out one day and a chick called his Facetime and this guy answered.. HE ANSWERED !! Paid no mind to me. Didn't even let me see how she look, but this bitch kept giggling and giggling. And I was like let me see your phone! He wouldn't give it to me. The girl blew him a kiss. I told him what the fuck was that. He said wait, I have Chelsea on the line and this nigha answered!!! Who the fuck does he think he is. After he hung up the phone I broke up with him. He didn't care. So I left and my dad and family was outside telling me he was never the one. So for punishment the slit my tires so I can never see him again. My dad was so mad, he probably shot Reggie and his roommates. But then I woke up.