Mortal Kombat and Trips

Date: 4/9/2017

By Avniel

I was on this trip to Wisconsin with my Grandpa, Little Brother and my Mom, I fell asleep on the bus that we were on and when I woke up we were in Minnesota and close to home for some reason. (This when things get weird). While waiting I played this Troll game that was based off the 2016 movie Trolls, basically you have type in your pass codes in a rhythmic fading but a failed on the third passcode since I couldn't remember my third passcode ( which I didn't have ). Now let's get into the meat of this dream, Mortal Kombat. Later somewhere the characters were having a death match in a well cleaned abandoned mansion. Reptile, Millena and Johnny Cage joined as allies meanwhile Kitana was on here own, she on this platform thing and she killed Baraka, Johnny Cage and Jax. But in a twist Jax had 3 Clone, 2 were Jaxes and 1 was anther Kitana. She was able to kill the first Jax clone but the 2 other clones were too overpowered so she ran away through a door that was behind her. Now the 2 clones are chasing her, Kitana tries to find a place to his but the clones keep finding her ( they just jump scared her once and there a lot of doors ). The dream ends with here running through a door.