Fist fight

Date: 6/15/2019

By ivorypearl

I was an orphaned Child living with people I don’t recognize in real life. I was sitting in a van when I had conflict with a young lady but I can’t remember why. Me and the girl started fighting and I can hear a commotion while ppl began to stare and watch us fist fight the girl was on top of me and looked like she was winning I got from up under her and found myself on top so I began punching her until I felt like I won the fight. I asked an estranged friend how I did. S/n I do not remember even having this dream or journaling it. I was going through my notes folder one day and came across it dated 4/2019 At first I thought it was a passage from a story I found on the internet and saved to my notes but could not find any google result with the same text so I concluded it was a dream I decided to write down as I’ve been telling myself for years to do this(I am an adult that has very lucid dreams hallucinations and night terrors). Anyway I think I was still in a dream state as I wrote this dream in my notes...if thats even possible??