Stop in a park

Date: 8/11/2019

By gstpsk

I was biking somewhere with Jelle and we made a stop in a park. We sat down there and i remember seeing people i knew (vera). We walked through the park and ran into some friends. I remember someone with like EDM music and i was ironically going wild on it. I know valentijn was there and there was a fat dude i knew but don’t know his name. He was wearing a sweater and swimming pants. When gave him a bokka he was like what are you doing u cant give a bokka now. There were clothes laying on a shelve and it were the exact same sweater and swimming pants the fat dude was wearing. I remember jelle was too lazy to get his bike so he asked the fat dude to get it for him. “If you get my bike i will increase your back bone”. Now i have no idea what a back bone is but I don’t think you’ll get thinner if you would make it bigger. The fat dude declined and we returned to our bikes. I woke up after this.