Tropical island

Date: 8/13/2017

By sharkey161

I was on a vacation with a whole bunch of people on an island and i was in a hotel with this really pretty blond woman that was supositly having an afair with my dad but was also being extreamly friendly to me and kinda flirty with me so i was very attracted to her. So we staked in a room together so we larned alot about eachother. The next few days we just kind of bum around the island i drove our dunebuggy all around then i got a hanglider and that was mostly how i got around on the last day i walked in to my aunt having an afair with an uggly looking female with some peach fuzz and then walked in to my dad suducing the girl i really like which was super creepy she later explained that she really liked me and not my father but i didnt really beleive her. None of us really knew what day we were supost to leave which was strange i asked everyone and no one told me but then we just randomly left one day and that was that.