Creepy Bus Driver

Date: 6/2/2019

By coconutoil

It was the last day of school and everyone was crowded at the bus loop to get home. The rain was coming down hard so I kept inside and waited for my bus to arrive. Unfortunately it came earlier than I expected so I had to run to get on. It was about half the size it normally was and I didn’t recognize a lot of the kids. My friend was there though, which was weird because we don’t live near each other. She motioned me to come over. I tried walking, but as soon as I got on he started driving. The floor was slippery so I tripped and had to crawl over to the seats. Eventually my friend had to drag me to the seat next to her. The floor was wet and dirty.. I felt disgusting. For the next few minutes we were just talking like normal. I knew this bus was mine because it was the same number and driver. The driver was acting a little off, but I didn’t think anything of it. Suddenly he stopped. I looked up and we were in front of a Barnes and Noble in the next city over. My stomach dropped. He turned around and told us all that he thought it would be nice to take us all shopping since it was the last day. He said to go inside and he would be in shortly. My friend and I were the last ones to get off. He then looked at us and more aggressively said to get off the bus. I grabbed my phone and my wallet and ran inside because it was still raining. The layout of the store was weird because suddenly we were alone in a long hallway. I told my friend I was gonna try to call my mom so she could get us out of here. I pulled out my phone, but just then the driver entered the store. I think he knew I was trying to get out because he gave us a weird look. We sped out of the hall and into a weird cafe area. He followed us. I guess he didn’t want to seem like he was with us so he walked up to the counter and just watched us. The guy working there asked him what he was doing. He loudly (and awkwardly) replied that he wanted a job in an attempt to what I can only imagine to be a cover story. I saw this as a chance and walked back into the hallway so I could call my mom. He saw me leave. I don’t know what happens next however because that’s when I woke up