Weird graveyard protected by a girl with a shotgun.

Date: 2/23/2017

By richilye

I was inside some house, it was really big, there were other people as well, I forgot what happened in there, but a big part of the dream happened in there. I jusr remember that I was helping someone with something, and it was important. Then I went outside, it was nighttime, no lights to be seen, only the moon's light, there was only that building there and a lot of grass/bushes and green, to the left there was a Wall and a small house. I tried getting close to the wall then I saw a gitl talking to someone/something, I couldn't see, because it was dark. Then I approached them and she started shooting with a shotgun, I evaded ('cos yeah... avoiding being hit by a spread shot gun 👍), every 2 shots she had to reload. Then she said that she wouldn't let me get in there, I didn't have any idea of what she was talking about, then she pointed to a Hole on the wall and said that it was a shortcut and she wouldn't let me take it. I got curious and went for it, while avoiding her shots, I slid under the hole and went to a small tunnel, I crawled to the other side, in which it looked like am abandoned graveyard, with some burnt cars, dead trees, and in the middle there was a tombstone, I couldn't read what was writen on it, I got curious and wanted to know what was it, I took a look around and there were more tombstones around, none of them were close to each other, they were all scattered around. I thought about crawling back on the hole and asking the girl, when I went to do so, dream ended.