so not meddle with the feye realm

Date: 7/9/2017

By Flalaski

in a more northern and rural town in Washington in the wet spring, I was in some apartment with my step dad, my sister was visiting. he had to leave for work, I had to go to school, my sis had. bunch of friends with her, outside, we were down the road a bit, visiting, when I finally had to try making it to school, but then I noticed my car was gone. it was my old rav btw. I went walking all over looking for it. I ended up looking around in the school (this was the same school layout as past dreams) I was bumbling around buster Keaton style looking for my car, moving around instruments. near the apartment was a field, and cemetary. in the corner of the cemetary was a lot of other cars parked. this field is also near a cliff the was looking g out to the mountains and forests, a river far below and eventually a lake down the canyon at this time, it was a short cliff,ostly a steep Forest Hill to the creek. nothing crazy. I was approaching a large Boulder at the rear end of the field, and this girl rN up and joined me. didn't know her. I forget all names in this dream, but I think Jane is close to what hers was. anyway, I tell her I'm looking for my car, and we walk down to this Boulder. looking at the Boulder from the cemetery, it just looks like a large rock at the base of the mountain, but when you go around it, we found a tunnel, man made, old, partially overgrown and stoney walking down here and around another corner, I could see bits of a castle of of my sister's friends mentioned. I didn't think it was anything weird, just found what they mentioned. I had to find my car though. near the end of this tunnel, there were paths to other deeper wooded tunnels, I shouldn't say tunnels, the over arching structure was trees, but their shade was thick, and the air, different. at this sorta fork, Jane wasn't feeling well or something, and someone else she knew walked by telling her to get back home so she'd heal up. at this point , down the darker path, I see spectres of decorated midevil knights or guards, phasing in and out of visibility. Jane and I decide to walk back to the cemetary, as we're seeing freaking ghosts down here. we start to run back, and as we do, a decorated Knight dwarf is appearing where we stood, I wave at him and he knods his head back, like he understood we had to leave, and he was no enemy to us. down the last part of the first path, Jane ran ahead, I lost detailed sight of her in the light of outside, and then she vanished. well, then outside the tunnel back within the cemetery, I see some folks in the middle of the cemetery where it has a little Hill, they are mourning for someone. I see a dark patch of moss on the ground near the Boulder,. in the times looking around and away from it, suddenly Jane is there, and a man round my age is there with her. he reminds me a lot of my Irish acro friend Shane. he's telling her she's gotta get up and to home so she can get better , he's really worried, and holding her hand. I'm kneeling down with them, and take her other hand to help her get up with this she looks at me in a peculiar way, then sits up. some of the mourning folk were watching. I think the dream skipped something, because. now S if we all left and came back, there were people at the Boulder, a team of search and rescue people saw a lady saying something like "we have just discovered this hidden pathway, blah blah archeological something " I guess my sister and her friends were missing. I join this party down the tunnel, only this time everything is different in here. it looks more, normal. no view to any castle, just an aged stone covered path leading to some largeish cavern with holes in it, so light was leaking in. there was rushing water from maybe a spring in the middle, and wooded floors had been built over it long ago in here the party finds a few abandoned cars, including mine! jerks took it. probly looking for the castle. everyone's looking around , seeing old stuff, I am holding a stick and notice it Sparks a magical hour when it touches certain objects. like, it signified a connection to the other realm. I'm touching things with it, and see this dirty man in the ground fiddling with something. I poke him and it Sparks even more. I realize I ask him if he knew where my sis and friends are. he gives a nasty Chuckle, and points to the floor. I start ripping up and opening the old wooden floor bits, and eventually I see a hand... then it is discovered by the party that everyone we're looking for is dead crushed in this floor half submerged in the water below it. we load it on a trailer, and start to head back out, only now, the trailer was turning into a large boat, the tunnel opened up to the large cascade canyon mentioned before, and along the cliffs of this watery path down the mountain was the giant castle, cemented almost cartoonishly with some made up cement and stone, and there were wizard emblems all over. the search party was very confused, and concerned. the path got steeper, and the boat we were all on finally reached the large lake at the bottom. now , here we were in another realm, on some boat with our lost ones in my sadness over my sister, I woke up and had to type this best I could.