Ryan Higa Ski Trip

Date: 2/26/2017

By Kesscapade

So I had just gotten out of class when I realized that I was going on a trip to a ski resort with Ryan Higa and his whole crew. We were already on the westt coast so we were probably going to Utah or something. Myself, ryan, greg, dana, will, sean, and myself were all in one car, I was in the backseat and ryan was driving. It was so full that two of us had to sit in the trunk and it felt like we would only drive for a few munites before we all switched places. It was my turn to sit in the trunk with Will so we got out of the car and went around back. From the inside of the car, it just felt like a small 4 door camery or something, but onthe outside it was this massive pickup truck where the bumper was at head height. there was a huge bed in the back of the truck that we were suppose to lay in but it wasnt tied down and seemed dangerous. Suddenly we are at the resort and we are all huging and saying hi to ryans family, I recognize one of the girls but I've never seen any of the other kids before. I asked sean how long this trip was and he told me 7 days, I panicked because I was going to miss important classes and I had already missed so many that semester. This is where that dream ended.