Dream 06

Date: 7/8/2017

By Jpowell

I was at a car dealership and Amir was trying to sell me a $19,000 ute. I inspected it and he walked away. I got into the car to go and try and find him but didn't see him for the rest of the dream. I continued to drive down a long muddy bush track and I can't to an overpass that looked as though kids had built it. I easily went over it in the ute and ended up in a massive field with two giant satellite dishes. I need to quickly return to the dealership because someone had called me there and I was in trouble for being in the field. I was stopped before the overpass and was told I wouldn't be able to make it over. I made it over and continued towards the dealership. As I got over the overpass I was out of the car. (For reference, the place I was in looked like the inside of a large trailer hallway). As I continued through it there were a lot of people talking and seemingly about me. I was sitting down in some underground place where I was told I was very important. I don't remember much of the dream but there were a lot of people that wanted me as their leader. I didn't want anything to do with it so I changed my face. They found me some time later. But to be sure I was the one that they were looking for they needed me to do a DNA test. For some reason they needed to stitch up my eyes and mouth with another guy to do it. They found out it was me and transferred me into another body (half man, half lion) I walked into one of the places of one of the girls that had helped me rise to power, she had two kids and looked rough, so I gave her a large sum of money and in return she wanted to have sex with me. I told her I didn't want anything like that and left. The next part of the dream I was sitting on the toilet in the corner of a large bathroom. Shower heads with spread all throughout the room, when Deena came in, I was super excited to see her due to the fact that I hadn't seen her in years. She came in with a large group of friends and they all started showering (with their clothes on) while I was sitting on the toilet. Seen a couldn't talk much so she invited me to go out that night. I walked down the stairs into a large blue lit club and found Deena with a group of people around a booth, I sat down and one of the guys gave me a bag full of cocaine, never having done cocaine before I was pretty nervous, but for some reason I did a whole line anyway. And the last part of the dream I was on a field where people were cutting the grass but I had to tell them to stop because this is the time of year where rabbits have babies and nest in the long grass, so we're found all of the nests on the ground and cornered then all off.