My stepfather trying to murder me

Date: 5/3/2019

By natassja666

I’m writing this a day late but in my dream my mom and her husband lived in a different house. It was a beige mini home in the middle of nowhere. My mom and her boyfriend are extremely religious, and in my dream I was sitting at this old wooden table talking to my mom and she was telling me that her husband used to fantasize about raping young girls. She told me that god had saved him and he no longer desired these things, he was cured of his sinful fantasizes and thoughts. I was extremely taken aback and was telling her that she better never trust him alone with my little sister alone. The dream switched and I was home alone in the trailer with my daughter and little sister. Matthew (my moms husband) was creeping around the house with a huge knife trying to find us and murder us. He kept popping up suddenly in windows or the door and pressing his face against the glass, a terrifying and murderous smile wide on his face. I hid the young girls and was trying to find my way to the phone to call for help. He somehow set the phone so that when I dialled 911 it called his cellphone instead. He was mocking me and teasing me evilly. I was trying to think of who else I could call but it was difficult to think straight.