Too real

Date: 9/18/2019

By geena_96

I had a dream that seemed so vivid that I thought it was real. I was really on the couch when I fell asleep. And in the dream I woke up in the exactly same place I was. Except I could not move at all. I could sense someone was around me, I could see a shadow in the reflection of the fire place right in front of me. And in the reflection I could see someone. I felt like I was drugged, because when I tried to get up it would hurt Then I heard people near me but I couldn’t even turn my head to see them. I was just so out of it. They called me a their next victim, so I thought they were about to do something to me. I just closed my eyes and felt like I had another out of body experience and in some way made them leave me alone. Then another part of the dream felt less vivid. I was able to finally get up but the left side of my face felt like it was droopy. So I had to hold it . So then it was like I was in a hospital and I was trying to get out. I eventually got out, and the rest of the dream doesn’t really matter. I just remember waking up super paranoid that it was real.