factory / spongebob / cinnabon / concert

Date: 8/9/2017

By rembrandt

Me and my partner were trying to figure out a way to save the chocolate factory. Our boss wanted to hire a new guy to essentially tear down most of the factory. We decided to take matters into our own hands and fix up the place ourselves. We wanted to turn the factory into one that kids would want to come to, one with lots of activities. ~ I had a dream I was watching an episode of spongebob with my mom. It was an episode I'd never seen before. ~ The last Cinnabon store closed. The franchise was bankrupt. I went to the promenade to make sure it was gone, and it wasn't there. When the new episode of Better Call Saul was on, Jimmy was told Cinnabon was closed, so now he worked at a Target. ~ I was going to a concert to see The Who with my dad and my whole family. We got VIP tickets because one of our friends is their manager. So me and my dad went through this special elevator, and Trump was there with one bodyguard. My dad politely greeted him and we tried to walk far from him quick. When we went to the entrance are where people took tickets, there was mass chaos down in the general audience area. People were essentially rioting to get in, pushing the ticket guy down and trampling him. They were loud, obnoxious and looked like they were all here only because one of their teachers told them they'd get extra credit. Dad and I sat down with the rest of our family, and the first act began. But the opening act wasn't even a real person, they just had a screen of one of Lauryn Hill's live performances, but she wasn't actually there.