Almost a Lucid Dream (and weird)

Date: 8/31/2016

By laramc

I dreamed I was far away, on a holiday almost. I was not with my family, I was with strangers, teachers almost, guides. As I was supposedly falling asleep they started acting weird, almost nightmare-ish. They were behind white curtain/screen, and I could see their shadows. It first started off like a role play then one attacked and it all seemed very satanic. Then one screamed to 'hail Satan' or something. I screamed back 'no!'. They walked up to me and whispered soothing things in my ears. Telling me I had passed the test. Then I ask them if I'm dreaming, they say I'm awake. I ask them if I'm lucid dreaming then, I get excited and prepare to test my theory. But something holds me back and I become certain that I am awake. I then tell them I think I'm awake and that it's real, and drift off to 'sleep'. I wish I had tested to see if I was dreaming :/ This dream was extremely weird, but somewhat soothing. I think it was the thought of being on 'holiday'.