Sting Gays

Date: 4/3/2017

By bdawg28

My roommate and I were looking at pet string rays because fucking flap flaps are neat. And we decide to buy one and then go swimming. We both are having fun splashing each other when she wants to go on a big slide with me. I'm sitting behind her legs around her. as were sliding down my bikini top comes undone and I have to press myself against her. She helped cover me and we ran to this like hotel room place? I lay on the bed covering my breasts and she lays next to me and runs her fingers up and down my thigh before giving me a look. I tell her with a lot of sass "watcha gonna do huh." She then straddles me and starts biting and kissing my neck. Since the walls are thin I have to be quiet but she is trying her hardest to make me squirm and moan. Everyone I would get too loud shed lock lips with mine. For some reason the neighboring person left and so I could be loud again. At that point she went crazy with her soft fingers. I bit onto her shoulder And woke up mid orgasm. -side note the ceiling was like an aquarium