Being chased by a car salesman

Date: 8/8/2017

By MsBananaNanner

I was trying to run away from a used car salesman (I could fly) and would go from one building roof to the next trying to get him and his buddies off my trail. Unlike many of my flying dreams, my flying is making me really exhausted. I push on, seeing them down below me in their lifted, huge wheeled, pickup trucks. I get to the roof of some restaurant, a chicken place I think, and don't see any sign of the dudes. I decide it's safe enough I can take a quick break to regain my energy. I walk around the front of the restaurant, it has a wraparound porch like a Cracker Barrel, and then I see some other guys who I just know are with the car salesman, or at least would tell him if they saw me. Grumpily I duck into the crowds and enter this big fancy mansion. There's an open house/art museum set up inside and people are being taken on tours. Fancy jewels are on display and people are marveling over architecture. I overhear one of the tour guides telling the story of the people who used to live there a century prior. It was this super rich family, and there were two daughters and a son who were inseparable. Until one day when for unknown reasons they all turned on each other and were never seen together again. I'm keeping an eye on the henchmen dudes, who luckily are completely oblivious to my presence. Then weird things start happening. I'm remembering things about the family of this house that the tour guide hasn't said. And they feel like memories of things that have actually happened to me. A tour group heads outside, and I discreetly follow. Tour guide lady is yammering on, and then I see this guy at the edge of the group. He doesn't seem to fit with everyone else, but he looks so familiar. I fly over to him in a whoosh, tears pushing at my eyes. Without any warning I throw my arms around him, hugging and sobbing. "What's going on?" He asks. The tour group is startled and confused. "I should have never left you!" I cry into his shirt. Somehow I just know that this is my brother and that we two of the people from the story the tour guide was telling. "I'll never leave you again. I was so horrible to you, I won't do that again. I love you!"