Chinese play and army boot camp

Date: 3/10/2017

By nolan_truth

I was first at a sort of Chinese cultural play. Strangely though, as we left the theater area, the audience began singing the North Korean National anthem. We exited on a bridge made of rope and wooden planks. We marched down the bridge, where we were met by a platoon of North Korean soldiers. We told them we just wanted to pass through, and oddly enough they moved ahead and let us follow. One person was bearing a North Korean flag.  The scenery around was very green, terraced hills, sort of like how the terrain is at Machu Picchu. For some reason, this was also the site of old WW2 tank defilades, as I saw burnt out Japanese tanks in dug-in trenches.  At this point, the crowd I was in was carrying an American flag. I also was then holding an army-style backpack. I spotted another crowd carrying an Israeli flag. The scenery shifted to a city with street cobblestones and old-fashioned drug stores. I continued to follow the American flag. We arrived at a "barracks," which was simply a simple white house at the end of a cul-de-sac. I went in, found rooms with two of my friends (who suddenly appeared in the dream), before I realized that I had left my backpack somewhere along the plank bridge. I sprinted back along the route. *dream skips* The "narrative" of the dream, now was being narrated like a book. It went something like this: "(Forgot name) trained daily. When he got in the morning, he did 16 pushups on one hand, then 16 on the other, and did all the kinds of PT that there were. He also ate extravagantly. 'Better to have booklet, than 6 coupons," muttered (other person)'