My WIFE came to ME in my DREAM (but I'm not married...yet)

Date: 5/20/2017

By A_RisingKing

To make this very clear I'm not married, not engaged, and don't have a girlfriend. This dream is symbolic and a vision for the future. So this dream start off at what appears to be a gathering or house party of sorts. I don't know who's house it is. The next thing I remember I see this girl I knew back when I was in school. We played some game an I won and she said "now I'll give you your prize". This seemed very strange but I went with it out of sheer curiosity, and I mean this is the girl I was head over heels for back in school something interesting was going to come out of it. So we went into the bathroom "and she said this is just a preview or sneak peak" as she unzipped her dress. She was completely nude under her dress as I stood there in awe. Then someone walked into the bathroom and she pulled her dress back up, total buzzkill. Then she told me "later" and we left the bathroom. What happened next is probably the strangest thing I've experienced in a dream. I dreamed that I was dreaming in my dream (ikr?!? Lol). So after I was done dreaming in my dream I woke up (still in my dream) and walked around the house a bit. The next part is very vague and all I remember is being in the garage talking to some guy about a Lamborghini and giving it to someone. Then a car left out of the garage and my pants were gone (I know I don't get it either). So this other girl was there as well and I began to talk to her about the girl from before. For the sake of the story let's call the girl from earlier Jen and the girl I'm talking to now Sarah. So I began to tell Sarah about Jen and what happened with the game and the bathroom. She didn't seem to like what I was telling her at all almost like she was jealous or just mad. So after we were done talking she left the garage and I found my pants and she saw me putting them on as I was trying to do it out of sight. So I went back to the main room in the house and I saw Jen there. Let's go back for a second and make something clear. When I was dreaming in my dream the dream I had was about Jen, and it was me telling her how much I liked her back in school. So I approached Jen and told her I had to tell her something. She said "ok what it is" and I was just about to tell her about the dream I had I heard Sarah say she was leaving. I looked away from Jen and looked around to see where Sarah was and when I looked back Jen disappeared. So Sarah was going around the room saying goodbye to everyone and then she came up to me. She said she was leaving now and reach out to hug me, it was a quick hug. But before she walked away I reached out to hug her again and she began to hug me back. An she held onto me as we hugged each other tightly, and she began to cry. I don't know what it was but I didn't want to let this woman go I couldn't. I could feel the emotion poring out of her as we both hugged each other and tears came rolling down her soft cheek that was now touching mine. An then she began to speak in a different language, it was definitely foreign (I live in the States and it wasn't Spanish). I couldn't understand what she was saying but it felt like a goodbye and she was sad that she was leaving, but that she had to for now. As we began to let each other go I felt a very serious connection to her and was sad she was leaving. Before I let her hands go I pulled her one more time. An I kissed her and she kissed me back. I felt nothing but love and passion from the minute her soft lips touched mine to the last second when our lips departed from one another. As everyone in the room said "Aweeeeeeeee!!!!" and clapped. She began to walk away and it was a this point that we both seem very far away from each other like we were in a big open field or on two different mountain tops but we could still see each other. She reached her hand out to me and I reached my hand out to her and she waved goodbye. The last thing I remember someone in the room said to me "look, what's that you have there?". An I look in my hand a something appeared, I don't really know what it was. It look like a charm but it felt like her. Then I woke up.