Dawn of the Giant Insects 🐜

Date: 3/20/2017

By Io

I dreamt that I was chasing my older sister (I don't have one tho) up on the roof of a collapsing building. The roof was old and the walls were crumbling with dust and dirt on them. Then, she entered an elevator and went down, just before I reached her. I saw the lift stop at level 2, but there was a mysterious voice in my head that told me she went down to level 1 instead. Still, I went to level 2 but she wasn't there. It was a hotel lobby, yet it seemed like level 1 for some strange reason. Then, I began searching for her when suddenly the building began shaking. People ran out, but I wanted to continue searching for her. I went to the lift again, only to realize that it was covered with debris. What was disturbing, however, was that there were giant, red, crab legs protruding out of the debris in every corner. Beyond the lift stretched a bridge and a camp site could be seen not far off. Then, I was told to transport beetles and earthworms across the bridge. When I reached one end of the bridge, a gigantic and grotesque spider came to greet me, with a man standing at the side of it. The legs were at least 3 metres tall and apparently it was the "vehicle" that will transport me to the other side of the bridge. The man scooped up the beetles and laid them on the spider's back, then he lifted me onto the spider as well, placing me next to the beetles. My heart nearly exploded in fear but what the heck could I do but sit there and let the spider bring me across the bridge? The rest of the people were already across the bridge! There were also three dung beetles and I was so so afraid that I would touch them and fall off, then the spider's hairy legs will brush against my body. It must have been the horror and the fear for I woke up soon after. I was quite traumatizd for a while.