Putting My Body Back Together and Making Out

Date: 4/11/2017

By Cj

Eli got a rush from acting - first the standard way, and then from our team show later that night. Found out he was basically addicted. I was in the car with TK and some others; K was driving and I was next to T, with a pillow between us and Roy on the other side. We stopped at Mcdonalds (which wasn't bad or off to me in the moment) and I ended up sitting next to a female team from a shool out of state on their way to DC. My team may have left me. I looked at myself and saw I had lines like stretch marks all over my body, coming down from my neck. After more looking, they turned out to be a web of wide, flat veins and arteries; I could see and press the blood flowing through their semi transparent passageways. I showed the people working at the counter, and pulled of the skin layer, then the muscle layer, then took out everything from my body cavity. My reproductive system was caught in the bottom of that, and I reached in to find it. I grabbed out my vagina, which was a litte tube disconnected from my uterus and mt vulva (which was still a part of my body). I looked down into myself, figured which was the bottom end, and plugged it into my vulva from the inside of my body. I then pulled out my uterus, tubes, ovaries, etc. from the mass of organs and sat those on top of my vagina, being sure to not put it on backwards. I ended up stopping at Ty's house, perhaps for the night. Al was there, and she told me to "make out" with him, just for fun. I wasn't opposed. Though I never kissed him irl, I could very clearly feel his lips - their size, moisture, and warmth. Never taking my lips from his, I pushed him into a black closet/room, shut the door behind us, and pinned him down on a barcounter just wide enough for his back. In hindsight I recall that he was pretty passive, or I at least don't recall him doing much, and I guess I got too agressively grabby; though it took me a moment to put together the sound and reflex he made, I realized he had ejaculated, which I knew he probably didn't want to do then and there. I got up and left the room (being incredibly awful at aftercare in my dreams), and when I exited, I saw my mom was in the kitchen. That irritated me, and I entered a tiny, croweded, "jerry-rigged" toilet room with plumbing issues to pee and clean up. I later saw this guy by the name of Tyson, whom I acidentally called by the houseowner's old boyfriend's name. He was pretty chill about it, though.