Season Finale

Date: 6/15/2017

By drunchee

So in my dream me and Marcos are watching these 3 episodes of Adventure Time, all 3 leading up to a Season Finale. The first one, Finn was recovering from some kind of depression or injury, it's very very vague now that I'm awake. The second, Finn and Jake attempt to break through this giant Turtle's shell, for all inhabitants of Ooo are trapped inside its lumbering body. The tortoise monster itself is being controlled or ridden by a purple SOMETHING, maybe some kind of Goddess or Titan from Greek Mythology. She and the Turtle are evil. The first time Finn and Jake try to break through, only one thing breaks, I don't know what. Next episode, the Finale, Finn dive bombs from high up, maybe from Jake in fly mode, Or maybe Jake is divebombing WITH Finn. Either way, Finn crashes into the giant turtles shell and the shell explodes. Princess Bubblegum and the people of Ooo surge through the rubble and congratulate Finn. PB says "how can I reward our fantastic hero?" And then plants a kiss on his lips as he's still dazed. Me and Marcos finish the episode and I'm just baffled at how good those episodes were, even though now IRL I hardly remember what the episodes contain. Marcos somehow texts PB on his phone, and says something about liking her, and I get a little mad because I wanted to start texting PB, due to seeing her kiss Finn. So in my dream PB is a real person??? Anyhow I remember wondering what she looks like, only seeing her in cartoon form. I imagine a cute, brown haired 19 yr old. The dream ends here, sadly. So to recap, me and Marcos watch the season finale of AT, in which Finn gets kissed by PB, who is real in real life, so we both start texting her in hopes to get with her.