She's gone.........

Date: 5/25/2017

By mikeymario510

I had a dream where it was sort of like Sword art online, an anime show i have been watching on Netflix, and all i remember from the dream was how i was friends with a girl and i cant remember her name but i know that it started with an f and i also had my real life friends in the game... they have never seen me cry until... the girls whose name started with an f died... i dont remember how but she just did... we all lived in a hotel looking thing and seh had an xbox so in memory of her i tried to save all of the memory on her xbox to my hard-drive and then i started crying my eyes out and then i couldn't remember anything else except for waking up in my bed... i then realized, my bed was soaked, i cried my eyes out in my dream and aparently cried my eyes out in real life.